One week offline

I could not blog for one whole week. I can’t cook either. I could still enjoy something, though. Here is what I most enjoyed during my week offline:  Slow time. It’s when you ask yourself  “It is only Tuesday?” and it feels like Friday. Out of the customary routine it’s easy to experience time dilation. […]

The Masurian Lake District, Poland

I’m in the Masurian Lake district, in a small village called Krutyn, 200 km far from Warsaw. My polish experience go on between lecturers and adventurous outdoor activities. The two things I miss the most are: quality food and the internet access. Trying to escape the ever-present sausages and cured meats is quite difficult here. I still […]

The best hot chocolate is in Warsaw

A chocolate shop sweetens the city of Warsaw. It’s the E. Wedel cafe, a polish confectionery located in 8 Szpitalna Street, a few steps from the Palace of Culture. Here the soft flavor of a warm and aromatic chocolate can cover you like a woolen blanket in a cold winter day. Founded in the mid-nineteenth […]

Notting Hill – Carnival and Pizza

I live in the Notting Hill area. Even though I do not like the chaotic revelry typical of Notting Hill Carnival, I always feel like I can’t miss the event, just pop in and take a look. The crowd flowing on the way to the parade is overwhelming, suffocating. Many bring forward “the drinking affair” […]

Vis, Croatia – My stay on a timeless island

Time on the croatian island Vis it’s time well spent. It’s complete relaxation in a charming place whose natural beauty is amplified by the presence of a never too crowded tourism. Time is running at the right pace, while swimming in the crystal clear water and walking in a small town center with few shops […]