Hello, my name is Daniela and I am the author of this blog. I waited several months before filling the page “about me”.  I could not say more than “My name is Daniela. I cook and blog, sometimes”. It took me a while to understand that everybody wants to know who’s behind the scenes and who is in the kitchen, in case of food blogs. The time has now come to thank you for stopping by my blog.

I’m Daniela, the author of this blog, and even the author of these recipes, comments and scents and food aromas that Internet still can not transmit, unfortunately. Here I share my love for natural, organic foods, untreated and with no preservatives, colorant and additives.

There’s very little meat and fish in my recipes, that’s because it’s one year or so I stopped consuming these foods. In Italy, the country where I was born, I attended a workshop on EBM (Evidence-Based Medicine), where the rate of heart attacks was linked to high meat consumption. Then I came across a video on the treatment of animals destined for the food chain. In short, I can still eat meat but no more than two or three times a year when it is necessary (parties and invitations).

If you ask me “Are you good at cooking, can we trust your recipes?”, I reply: I’m Italian, I come from a city in southern Italy, Naples, where food must be fresh and homemade, and any pizza and pasta dishes taste wonderfully. Is it too pretentious to stake everything on origins and territorial roots? Maybe. However, since I moved to London, I realized how good and healthy Mediterranean diet can be. And how tasty and simple is the Italian cuisine!

In the kitchen I learn every day and I aim to experiment with exotic recipes out of my comfort zone (i.e. all things pasta). I only post my best recipes (I discarded all the burnt pizzas I had to eat anyway). This blog is a catalog of my best dishes and also a way to have fun in the kitchen. Every time I cook I ask myself “Is this recipe worth getting published?” and so I put all my efforts to get great results. I also never eat before taking pictures of food and I don’t remember last time I had a hot meal!

Happy cooking and I hope you enjoy my recipes!

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