My favorite pancakes: Gluten-Free Oat and Chia Seeds Pancakes

What a strange thing it is that my favorite pancakes are gluten free. Strange because I have nothing against gluten. Quite the contrary. I don’t like trends on nutrition: I don’t understand why people without a real intolerance to gluten turn to gluten-free as a solution to their nutrition issues.  A good point about this has been made […]

Matcha Pancakes with Milled Flax Seeds

It’s been a few days since I last enjoyed my oatmeal-based breakfast. I am just waking up with an intense craving for croissant pancakes. I’ve read somewhere that some foods are very effective in increasing the level of dopamines, the neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. My morning oats must have stopped working together with […]

Scandi Rice Pudding with Blueberry Sauce

Before the World War II, rice in Denmark was a very expensive and imported ingredient and normal people could not imagine to have a completely rice-based meal.  After the war, rice, like every kind of ingredient by now, became accessible thanks to the swiftly increase in the importation traffic. Now this rice porridge, called Risengrød in Denmark, is served […]

Nutella Dorayaki (Japanese Sandwich Pancake filled with creamy Nutella)

Shrove Tuesday. Does this mean a “confess” day or a Pancake Day to you? If it wasn’t for Wikipedia I did not know that today I am supposed to “make a special point of self-examination”, and consider what wrongs I need to repent. I am inclined to think I’ve made more wrongs to myself than to the others […]