Breakfast Crostini: Scrambled Eggs and Pea/Greek Yogurt Mash

Easy PEAsy recipe. My love for veggies is well known. I could not live on a vegetable and grains-based diet otherwise. I still feel that some veggies do not find enough space in my recipes, though. Like Peas, for example. In the past I shared with you this quick to make Pasta with Peas and Fava […]

Flat bread French Toast with Ricotta, Honey and Strawberries

Human nature is inertly judgmental, curious, scrutinizing, inquisitive, suspicious. Sometimes gentle, in love, benevolent, friendly, generous. Also frightened, intimidated by the crowd’s gaze, torn by the competition and the insatiable hunger for more. I can see in me all of these elements fighting with each others. I see a myself free and bold against a […]