Pinacolada Smoothie with Frozen Yogurt and Baobab Powder. And a Goodbye.

It’s not a secret that I used to spend (waste) a great deal of time on Pinterest. While I still moderately enjoy pinning and repinning from a board to another my latest recipes and, above all, the “creations” of other food bloggers, my new “silly” pastime is sliding a finger across the tablet surface to scroll through […]

Snacks, the Nutritious Way: Papaya and Tofu Smoothie

Papaya and tofu blended together with diluted Greek yogurt and sweetened with a touch of honey.  I’m not sure why Tofu is not a popular ingredient for smoothies. So strange. I’ve just elected it “best smoothie ingredient of the year”. I’m kind of serious. The health benefits of Tofu are uncountable; moreover it does not have […]