Antioxidant Punch Beetroot, Strawberry and Apple Smoothie

This is the week of “smoothie cravings” for me. Whatever the reason is, I found myself fancying fruit during the whole week. Every evening, once at home and always before dinner so to soothe my hunger, I quickly prepared a shake by blending all the fruits on hand. Most of my smoothies comprised orange, apple […]

Popeye Smoothie: a Spinach and Strawberry Shake

I’m Popeye the sailor man, I’m Popeye the sailor man, I’m strong to the finish because I eats me spinach Do you know Popeye the Sailor? I’m quite sure everybody knows this brusque and good-hearted comic strip character. The cartoon was born in the 30’s, in the midst of an economic crisis that strongly affected the american agriculture. […]

Quick Green Detox Smoothie for a Healthier Breakfast

Few months ago I would have ever thought of blending a kale and then drinking it. Entering the world of Pinterest enlarged my food horizons. Hundreds of pins and several visits to “stratospherically” beautiful food blogs after, I know that smoothies combining fruit with green vegetables are popular among girls with weight loss ambition (90% of us). Surprise, surprise, they can even […]