If I ever had to describe myself in just one sentence I would probably state: A believer of the Socrates’ thought. To the same extent another phrase would work as well: Just a (another?) foodie.

Merging the two sentences: a Socratic foodie. It being understood that I know I know nothing – as Socrates legendarily stated – I happened to acquire a sort of knowledge in the kitchen because I went through quite a few failures, disasters and lousy recipes unworthy of being published or just shared.

applepancakesI am a pancake lover. As such I play with flour, milk and other genuine ingredients as often as I can. My passion for pancakes, both savory and sweet, made me build confidence in handling the tools of the trade. Before trying my hands on these Yogurt pancakes I even thought I could brag about some culinary skills. Surprise-surprise I ended up making an all wrong batter able to deflate my confidence.

appleyogurtpancakes-0130In the attempt of getting low carb pancakes and live happily “slimly” ever after, I almost entirely replaced flour with Greek yogurt. It did not work out: flour and its hated carbs are needed to structure both in shape and flavor the recipe.

These images I am showing you here, were taken after a second attempt as a proof of a revised, tasty, discretely good-looking recipe. Adding more flour made my pancakes gain consistency and shape. It’s again Flour 1 – Daniela 0. And thus I come back to the fact that I know I know nothing. Yet again it is a matter of trial and error, inside and outside the kitchen.


Apple and Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Servings: 6 -8 pancakes


  • 4 apples
  • 1 egg
  • 3 Tablespoons Greek yogurt
  • 1 cup plain flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 Tablespoon honey
  • 2-4 Tablespoons oil to cook
  • icing sugar optional


  • Cook the apples in boiling water for about 5 minutes. The pot must be large to contain enough water to cover the apples. Cool down the apples, then peel, coarsely grate them. For a thicker consistency you can cut one apple in slices.
  • Whisk the flour, baking powder, salt and honey together.
  • Combine the egg, the yogurt and stir in the apples.
  • Heat a thin layer of oil in a skillet over medium heat. Drop large spoonful of batter into the pan and flatten it out a little. Cook until golden golden underneath, flip the pancake and cook them for an additional two minutes.
  • Dust with powdered sugar and serve immediately.

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  1. Is there liquid in this? I followed your instructions and this is so thick I can’t even stir it!

  2. Pancakes looks scrumptious. Was wondering if rice flour could be added instead of or wholemeal flour or white and what would be the result To have a gluten free pancake.I think I’ll try it and post it later.
    Thank you for this lovely recipe

  3. This goes straight on my new pinterest pancake board! 😀
    One question: If you don’t like plain flour, why not using whole wheat flour? As far as I know that stuff is really healthy. Will give it a try.

  4. I love your humble honesty! It’s the one thing we all have to come to grips within ourselves as would be culinary artists – there will be failures and sorry attempts at something fabulous, but persistence pays off. These look delicious. I love anything with Greek yogurt incorporated into the recipe, so I look forward to trying these.

  5. I am licking my computer screen —these look fantastic. I will sub the wheat flour with a combo of almond and tapioca flour.

  6. How much salt is not stated in the instructions and salt is not listed in the ingredient list. Is it necessary?
    Try flaxseed instead of an egg.
    Step 3 needs clarification. Are you combining the egg and yogurt together before adding them to the dry mixture and then adding the apples?
    Honey could be added with the liquid ingredients.
    Ingredients need to be listed in order of use.
    Great pictures!

  7. I recently discovered swapping wheat flour with flour made from oats. Just process oats in your blender or food processor into a flour. You may need to use a little extra oat flour in place of wheat flour. I’m going to try it in these pancakes, they sound delicious!

  8. I’m eating these as I type this. They’re delicious! I used vanilla coconut milk yogurt because I’m dairy free and they still came out perfect. I topped them with some roasted raspberries and pure maple syrup but honestly, I could have eaten them on their own.
    I didn’t see yield information, so as a reference to anyone who is curious, the batter made eight pancakes.
    Thanks so much for a great recipe!

  9. I love pancakes too and these look especially delicious.
    The idea of using Greek yogurt for the recipe is fantastic, makes it so much lighter. Now I know what we wil have for breakfast on Sunday 🙂