I’m in the Masurian Lake district, in a small village called Krutyn, 200 km far from Warsaw. My polish experience go on between lecturers and adventurous outdoor activities. The two things I miss the most are: quality food and the internet access.

Trying to escape the ever-present sausages and cured meats is quite difficult here. I still manage to feed myself with plenty of salad options (beetroot and cabbage mainly), rice wrapped in cabbage leaves and spinach pancakes, for example. Not bad, if only I could taste some genuine flavor…

I am staying at Mazur Syrenka, a resort designed to offer physical and mental recreation in the Krutynia river area. Krutyn is one of the cleanest and most beautiful  river in Poland, mainly known for canoeing trips. The complex does not offer a welcoming atmosphere and food is pretty disappointing too. However the location is spectacularly natural. A painting with the best emerald green brush strokes would not be able to describe such a pristine environment.

The area, 100 kilometers long, includes 20 lakes, rivers and streams blended in the northern part of the biggest forest in the Masurian Lake district, the Pisz Forest. One hour and half of kayaking costed me 20 PLN (4 pounds), 45 minutes long horse riding was 50 PLN (about 10 pounds). All beautiful, very affordable, virgin and timeless.

Yet the lack of the internet access in the hotel makes this stay pretty uncomfortable. A potentially great experience but ultimately incomplete. The frustration I feel for not being able to check my emails whenever I want got me thinking about the extent of my social media addiction.

I still do not believe I am staying in a place where no good internet is available. Every now and then I check the internet access in the hope that it was just joke. At the arrival I asked myself: how do I spend the time I usually spend surfing online? I’m still looking for the answer.