I could not blog for one whole week. I can’t cook either. I could still enjoy something, though. Here is what I most enjoyed during my week offline:

  •  Slow time. It’s when you ask yourself  “It is only Tuesday?” and it feels like Friday. Out of the customary routine it’s easy to experience time dilation. It is potentially boring but it helps in the long run. Benefits of slowness are multiple: more time to remember, to reflect, read a book, devise solutions and think about future plans. It may sound strange: even more time to taste your food!
  • Nature.  Small green leaves, little frogs, swans, soft hills and lots of green. A stay in the rural environment can help you catch up with your true needs. It may sounds like an introspective journey. Quite another thing. Life is adjusted to the rhythm of nature, which may drive you towards exploratory walks, trekking and sports adventures like horse riding. You also need a healthy body to enjoy all the advantages of  rural living.

I loved my milk desserts and natural yogurt with cherry sauce. I enjoyed kayaking along the river. However I’m not going to miss all that as much as I missed my internet connection.