Tuscany in Pics

The Creator made Italy from designs by Michaelangelo. Mark Twain Italy might not be as elegant as the country Twain visited in 1867, however it still retains a lot of its Renaissance fascination and authenticity. Tuscany, in particular, with its green hills dotted with pine trees and vineyards, small villages whose medieval architecture holds intact, is a charming […]

My Insolent Italy

Here is a countryside piece of southern Italy, a hilly sweep that stretches out in the area between Benevento and Avellino. A village named Terranova is my mum’s native place, a tiny town where we find a few houses surrounding a square overlooked by a church. This church below. My mum was born in one […]

Blue is Greece

It happens to me  to lack control on words. Sometimes. It’s when I am just full of barren words, like a field lacking vegetation, and I don’t believe enough on the power of the written language. Photography helps me, encourage me to describe what I see when it is clear to me that words will […]

A Piece of London

Living in London means many things. One of these is that just 15 minutes long tube rides can take you to the countryside – to a farm inhabited by pigs and ducks – and to a busy, metropolitan and eclectic district. This is my Saturday in pics, a day spent visiting the Mudchute farm in […]