Time on the croatian island Vis it’s time well spent. It’s complete relaxation in a charming place whose natural beauty is amplified by the presence of a never too crowded tourism. Time is running at the right pace, while swimming in the crystal clear water and walking in a small town center with few shops and restaurants. I stayed in Komiza, a cute fishing village, which I reached after 10 minutes long taxi ride from the main port on the other side of island. 

Because Vis was opened to the visitors only 10 years ago you find there a virgin environment and an uncontaminated nature. Local people are friendly, able to deal with demanding tourists, food offers good surprises if you opt for seafood dishes but less appetible options if you go for pasta or risotto. Fruits and vegetables are uniquely tasty, as only fruits kissed by a sun that heats – but does not burn – can be.

In Komiza is never too late and never too early. Spending all day long on its beaches relieves you from the stress of the daily routine. There’s nothing urgent but taking care of themselves with simple gestures, like searching for shelter from the sun – every now and then – not to risk a sunstroke, enjoying a coffee on the pebble shore, tasting a rich ice cream, admiring the green landscape and a boundless blue sea whose sound at night smooths out sorrows and worries.

The sky at night is studded with stars so that you can play with the constellations, just like our parents did during their childhood – not having access to distractions like internet and video games.

Sea and nature in Komiza are the only special effects you need. Transported into a dimension where the things that matter are different, you start paying more attention to the people you’re sharing your time with. What else matters more in a timeless island?