A day in black and white

The Wapping Project is within a former hydraulic power station, a melodramatic building covered in creepers. It’s a restaurant, an exhibition (unsettling, I’d say), cutting-edge furniture and books to read, all together. Sometimes London is a black & white place. Grey and thick clouds do not allow colors to slice through the atmosphere. Brick building […]

Winsdor and Eton: quick day trip outside London

London is never boring but it can be so chaotic and business-oriented that you may want to escape its mess sometimes.  It’s been a while since my last stunning trip to Cornwall, last year. My mission to discover the British countryside is very often held back by different things. Above all, I fear I may […]

17 things to eat and drink in Cuba

Here is a list of the most delicious food I had in Cuba during my holidays last October. There are countless reasons to love Cuba and one is its food. Simple, natural, colorful. These images are a tribute to the recipes I loved the most during my an unforgettable stay there. Fruit and smoothies are very popular […]

Passionate about markets

I love London markets. Farmers’ markets even more: fresh and natural foods, lots of vegetables and some homemade dish too. Not to mention the direct contact with the farmer to whom I can ask questions about what I am buying (How did you make it? What does it contain?). Going to the market also means […]