Here is a list of the most delicious food I had in Cuba during my holidays last October. There are countless reasons to love Cuba and one is its food. Simple, natural, colorful. These images are a tribute to the recipes I loved the most during my an unforgettable stay there.

Guayabita del Pinar is the tasty Rhum of Pinar del Río. Here you see the guayabita fruit (literally ‘little guava’) which is used to flavour this liqueur.

Fruit and smoothies are very popular in Cuba: pineapple, coconut, banana, papaya, guava and avocado. In particular, the banana, queen of the cuban tables, claims African origin and is cooked as a vegetable in several recipes. In Chicharritas, for example, where the plantain is cut in thin slices and fried, and Tostones, where slices of plantain about an inch thick are smashed and then cooked.

Guava juice in Havana Club glass.
Cuban breakfast always comes with plenty of fruit.
Bananas and Guava (peeled) from street vendors.

You may have heard it is advisable not to eat street food so to avoid food poisoning. Well, I followed many of the tips I found on various websites. Many but one. How to resist the authentic taste of food that nourishes people who do not show signs of fatigue or illness? I had street food several times and no issues at all. Best street food? Pizza, a soft tick dough topped it off with tomato, cheese, and mustard.

A refresco. A cold beverage that will cost you few cents of dollar if you pay in Moneda Nacional.
Frijoles negros, typical cuban black beans soup. My favourite.
Pina Colada, always served with cinnamon on top.
Cocktail named Canchanchara. Honey and lemon juice into the glass. Then Rhum, ice and water. Refreshing.
Cuban coffee is a must for coffee lovers. Tastes like proper coffee, forget about Starbucks.
Sandwich con queso (cheese) and banana chips
Daiquiri at La Floridita, in La Havana. A bar Ernest Hemingway frequented.

Cuban moros y cristianos, frijoles negros, tostones, piccadillos, salads with quimbombo, ropa vieja (braised meat with tomato sauce and peppers), plantains, yuca and more in general viandas. The ajiaco, in the end: a soup made with potatoes, bananas, corn, (beef or chicken in the non vegetarian option) served with congrí.

Yuca, also known as Cassava. A tuber dressed out in garlic and lemon juice.
Congris, or Moros y Cristianos or simply Moros. One of the most famous Cuban dish.

I’m vegetarian and during my trip I haven’t tried this very popular typically cuban meat based dish, Ropa Vieja (shredded beef).