I love London markets. Farmers’ markets even more: fresh and natural foods, lots of vegetables and some homemade dish too. Not to mention the direct contact with the farmer to whom I can ask questions about what I am buying (How did you make it? What does it contain?). Going to the market also means not to have to check the ingredients label and be negatively impressed by the amount of chemicals.

On Sunday I go to the market in Angel. I can’t miss the stall of the Greek olives and the Italian cheeses. People look happy: this is already a good reason to shop there. I have plenty of markets to go to during the weekend, from the popular Camden market, to the all-about-finefood Borough market. Some markets are not more than touristic shopping events, though.  Portobello road market, for example, where the density of Italians per square meter exceeds the levels of a crowded city in southern Italy (I’m Italian myself, no discrimination, it’s just too jammed).

During the week options are not disappointing and offer more relaxing occasions of grocery shopping. Amongst the Thursday markets I enjoy the one in Bloomsbury, which is not in the Time Out list for markets taking place on Thursday. Surprisingly. It is a quite small one, nevertheless it features some interesting stalls. Have a look at the following pictures to get an idea of it. Doesn’t it deserve to be in the list?