10 Amazing Vegetarian Soups to Kick Off the New Year

It’s not a secret that I’m spending less time in the kitchen since I left London. It seems that the more I stay away from the kitchen the more I get to appreciate food. In fact, as a result of a rather strict self-judgment, I am never too enthusiastic about what I cook while I am more objective when it comes to […]

Curried Zucchini and Carrot Soup

As a consequence of my recently new status of “unemployed person”, lately I have been quite often home alone.  I am in search of opportunities, the right job opportunities, and I’m a lazy job hunter (maybe I fear rejections?) who from a job application to another takes advantages of her new total freedom to cook, to prepare herself light and wholesome […]

Potato Locro aka a very popular Ecuadorian Potato Soup

This a creamy yet very light soup. I cleaned the pot with my fingers to have a preview of its taste. After licking off the soup from my fingers I reckoned I could add some fats by drizzling extra virgin olive oil on top. It was almost “too” light. Maybe because I used cottage cheese rather then some cheddar […]

Easy Tomato Soup in a Blender (How NOT to make it acidic)

Since I bought a food processor my cooking has been revolutionized. It’s nothing but a simple juicer that soon earned space and authority in my kitchen as the author of many smoothies and drinks. This tomato soup made on a windy winter day in London, is only one of the ways I implemented the cheap tool. I am […]

Savoy Cabbage and Potato Soup with grated Leicester Cheese and Greek Yogurt

I’m back from a conference in Birmingham that saw about 130 women get together to discuss how to establish themselves in one of the most male dominated working areas: engineering. I met very well rounded and structured ladies, with personalities strong as carbyne (the new world’s strongest material) and CV’s that would turn pale even […]