What does a food blogger do when he or she is home alone? Uhm…. Any idea? Something like cooking and dealing with social media, I guess. What I do, instead, is making a mess. Please come on in and get a sneak peek at my place. I’ll show you what I am talking about when I talk about mess.

homealone-0048Depending on how I wake up in the morning I create different porridge recipes that, possibly, NO ONE would (could?) eat, except me. With a few exceptions including this Matcha Porridge I have recently published (whether you’re a Matcha enthusiast or not, this oatmeal makes sense).

To make my impossible culinary experiments I wait to be home alone. With optimism, enthusiasm and hope I start my tentative recipe for a brand new breakfast (I can’t always have the same type of food in the morning). Ouch, very often the outcome brings me back (miserable) down to earth. Above there is my last porridge creation. Mocha porridge: that is oats cooked in oat milk with a mix of coffee and cocoa powder.

C’mon, don’t do this face. Not too bad, if you ask me.

I had stomach pain for a couple of hours only.

homealone-0075From breakfast to lunch

A few hours later I find myself starving (have I digested the oatmeal?), so weak that I can’t even make a decision about how to feed my body. I open the cupboard hoping that something will fall on me in the form of a ready made meal. Whatever. The choice is restricted to fresh veggies only. See below the simplicity (emptiness?) of my fridge. Either I bite a raw onion or finally cook those carrots+zucchini I bought 10^2 days ago. 

homealone-0088I am just terrible at cooking food for myself. It must be something residing in my subconscious. Deep inside I might nurture the idea that I do not deserve great food. Or, this obsession of healthy food is killing me. Or, more likely, I am a super lazy creature.

I mean, THIS bowl below containing raw carrots surrounded by whole wheat Rava seasoned with Mirin…

homealone-0053Rava is the Indian couscous made by grinding husked wheat, while Mirin is a sort of rice wine, rather sweet because of complex carbohydrate formed naturally via the fermentation process. In my intentions this culinary mix of Japanese and Indian cuisines would make up for a great exotic dish. But in my body the mocha porridge was working to obfuscate my mind.

What a nasty meal I made (sic).

homealone-0064Speaking about mixtures..

Like most popular food bloggers out there, I’m writing a cookbook. Mine is called “The art of mixing the un-mixable” and I am now focusing on the chapter “how to match food with socks”. Consider these pics as a preview of the book :). In case you didn’t notice, orange was the color of the day. 

p.s. I am sharing this with you because I would like to know if it’s normal to be a worse cook when it comes to preparing one dish meals, cooking for yourself. What does it look like to you?

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  1. I’m the same.. When it’s just me eating I eat tinned spaghetti and carrots or capsicum, or eggs on toast. Thats it! None of this gourmet business. I think it’s the nurturer inside!


  2. What a delightful post – When I’m home alone I like to make a mess in the kitchen, most definitely! I love mirin and it’s so good in asian sauces, too! THe meal you made sounds good actually… I don’t mind the rava with mirin!

  3. I LOL’d at this post – and I instantly noticed (and ADORED!!!) how the socks matched the dish – even before I read that you mentioned it. I love it! I love my home alone nights – and I always come up with something interesting and unique – typically because I’m not rushing to get it on the table for “The Husband”!

  4. What a fun post, Daniela LOL!
    I really could I picture myself when I’m trying out my made scientist style cooking experiments.
    The matching your socks with food idea is hilarious 🙂

  5. This was too funny! You did a great job matching your socks to your food. 🙂

    I am also horrible at cooking for myself. Whenever Brandon travels, I usually live on salads and frozen meals. It’s hard to make one person meals! That, and I’m lazy. 😉