Follow the pictures I took while cooking my first whole wheat homemade pasta. You’ll get the secret of a simple, quick (20 minutes or so), tasty and healthy recipe whose main key point is the presence of a few but essential ingredients.

Serves 2

250 gr of whole wheat fresh pasta

1 can of tomatoes,

1 pepper,

1 carrot,

garlic, chilli, salt  to taste,

2/3 spoons of olive oil.

In a pan over low heat put some oil (I go for 1 spoon per person). Only extra virgin olive oil is allowed in my recipes since it is nothing but an olive juice, completely natural, without additives or preservatives. Its beneficial properties fully justify the price.

After few seconds add some garlic finely cut  and wait until the slices of garlic get a golden color. Cut one carrot and one red pepper in slices and add them in to the pan, stir for a couple of minutes.

It’s now time for the last ingredient of this all red sauce: tomato! Canned tomatoes are the best option for this recipe. I want to drown my fresh pasta in a moist and juicy sauce that doesn’t require ages to be prepared.

Sprinkle some salt and chilli to taste and let it cook for about ten minutes, until you get the right consistency (not too liquid but not too dry either).

Add your just cooked and drained pasta directly into the pan and stir to mix all the ingredients. Add some grated parmesan too, if you fancy. Done! This pasta will bring a fresh vibrant taste of Italy into your mouth.

Indeed tomatoes, olive oil and garlic are integral part of many italian dishes, among which pizza and pasta. Carrots and peppers are the tasty touch of the daily vitamins intake we all need.

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