napoli-0155Last week I was in Capri, Italy. There is nothing more exciting and relaxing to me than walking along the narrow streets of a small Italian town. If the town is on an island, that’s the icing on the cake.

Going up to the top of the highest and only mountain via a chairlift, flying over roofs and small private vegetable gardens, breathing in the breeze from a breathtaking viewpoint, stopping for a strong espresso in a bar, then getting back to the smart-set Capri town on a box-sized bus that moves down winding cliff-side roads… all this made my day in Capri a fantastic experience.

napoli-0034napoli-0086 napoli-0055 napoli-0092 napoli-0094napoli-0014 napoli-0115napoli-0170

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  1. What a breathtaking view, Capri looks very beautiful and I totally agree with you, “If the town is on an island, that’s the icing on the cake.” The waters are stunning, have you ever jumped off the cliff before? I’m afraid of heights but I love the view though! The architecture in Capri reminds me a little bit of Greece, I saw some travel photos that my pseudo-sis-in-law sent. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos and for allowing me to live vicariously through you, I feel like home in Italy already! Would you by any chance go back to Italy this summer?

  2. Oh my gosh girl – you are ssssoooo making me want to go on vacation to Italy! If you see me there, photographing and I happen to catch you in a photo, please don’t think I’m a stalker, mmmmm k? 🙂 Gorgeous shots Daniela! Thank you so much for sharing. It’s almost as good as being there.

  3. You have captured Capri so well – gorgeous photos Daniela!

  4. wow… your photos are amazing and breathtaking!! It makes me want to go to Italy that much more. My hubby is Italian and we’ve been talking about going back to the motherland. Hoping that one day that dream will come true but once our little one is big enough to travel and go with us. I’m glad you had the opportunity to go to Italy though!

  5. I would ADORE traveling to Capri! And I would probably ride that chairlift up and down 5 million times just soaking in the sights! The chairs definitely look a little creepy though, but I’d be willing!