The Creator made Italy from designs by Michaelangelo. Mark Twain


Italy might not be as elegant as the country Twain visited in 1867, however it still retains a lot of its Renaissance fascination and authenticity. Tuscany, in particular, with its green hills dotted with pine trees and vineyards, small villages whose medieval architecture holds intact, is a charming region where history and lifestyle has been preserved best.

tuscany-0432I promised I would have shared a few pics of my short Italian trip on the blog. Here they are. Shooting hundreds of pictures was a fun and pleasant activity, choosing a few ones to be shared was much less straightforward (it took me ages!). You know, Tuscany is all good and extremely diverse. History, architecture, food…


Outside every town an amusing and calm (calming) landscape was awaiting us. We drove along the SS22 or via Cassia and discovered a land where agriculture and family farms still make sense, where the green has countless shades and the hills look as smooth and soft as velvet.

tuscany-0803tuscany-0085tuscany-0120 tuscany-0110tuscany-0203tuscany-0354Here is a list of the places I visited and I loved the most:

    • Firenze
    • Siena
    • Monteriggioni
    • Certaldo
    • Pisa
    • Lucca
    • San Gimignano
    • Montepulciano
    • Volterra
    • Vinci (birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci)

Hope you enjoyed my pictures and I wish you all a great weekend!




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  1. These pictures are poetry for the eyes, Daniela.
    We love Tuscany and during the time we lived in Rome went there whenever it was possible.
    It has everything:
    Culture, landscape, history, delightful food, great wine and such nice people.