Pinacolada Smoothie with Frozen Yogurt and Baobab Powder. And a Goodbye.

It's not a secret that I used to spend (waste) a great deal of time on Pinterest. While I still moderately enjoy pinning and repinning from a board to another my latest recipes and, above all, the "creations" of other food bloggers, my new "silly" pastime is sliding a finger across the tablet surface to scroll through [...]

Chickpea and Cauliflower Veggie Burger (Vegan)

Since I made these tortillas my appreciation for cauliflower grew significantly. I guess now that I am able to eat cauliflower I can finally consider myself a grown-up. I think. I just need to find a job and, et voila', I'll be catapulted right into the stage of life called "adulthood".  I know, it sounds too boring compared these [...]

Maple Coconut milk Iced Coffee (Vegan)

I always pay extra attention when it comes to coffee recipes since I am well aware that the word "coffee" is too generic to direct the reader to a specific coffee-based recipe. What kind of coffee? How should the coffee be brewed? These are burning questions :), especially when you want to make iced coffee. Have you ever brewed your own [...]