Notting Hill – Carnival and Pizza

I live in the Notting Hill area. Even though I do not like the chaotic revelry typical of Notting Hill Carnival, I always feel like I can't miss the event, just pop in and take a look. The crowd flowing on the way to the parade is overwhelming, suffocating. Many bring forward "the drinking affair" [...]

Vis, Croatia – My stay on a timeless island

Time on the croatian island Vis it's time well spent. It's complete relaxation in a charming place whose natural beauty is amplified by the presence of a never too crowded tourism. Time is running at the right pace, while swimming in the crystal clear water and walking in a small town center with few shops [...]

Oats to get highly digestible proteins and lots of fibers

There are many reasons why I love eating oats, some of them are summarized in this post. I want to spread the word about a food whose protein content is the highest among cereals (it contains between 10-16% of its composition). A study of the World Health Organization has shown that oat proteins are equivalent to meat, milk, and [...]

A Lighter Zucchini Frittata

A frittata recipe in his lighter version, fulfilling, genuine and simple to follow. It's in between a thinner french omelette and a thicker spanish tortilla, with the right thickness and amount of unfried zucchini to provide a reduced caloric balance compared to the "stardard" frittatas. What to do to make it so succulent and light? [...]