For once and just for this spinach risotto I’m going to indulge my laziness referring you to the spinach pesto recipe I’ve recently published. No info about nutritional values but something about me and my food blogging experience.

Before starting this blog I just could not help with recipes. I had to create my own formula with no scales or other systems of measure involved whatsoever. I had to throw everything in to disorder and forget at least one of the ingredients I planned to buy. Not to mention desserts: in my mind there was a huge hope for sugar-free dessert that can taste even better. Sometimes I could forget that sugar free is not equivalent to “no sugar added”.

Then I started looking for inspiration and ideas by visiting a few gorgeous food blogs, by watching beautiful pictures of food in a perfect composition, in crispy images, brimful of flavors and colors. Recipes able to spark my curiosity deserved a gleam over the ingredients list. Method and preparation were always skipped, though. If I ignored completely the procedure I forced myself to read at least a couple of steps. Never the whole method list, anyway. I was an undisciplined foodie.

Then the blog came. I learnt that a recipe is like an algorithm, it only works with right steps and instructions in a correct sequence. Now, when it comes to write my recipes I do my best to make them right, to make order in the kitchen, in my mind, in my list of ingredients and quantities. I check the instructions twice or even more. I hope you’ll always appreciate my efforts, however I am conscious that judgement in the kitchen is a matter of personal taste.  In any case, thanks for stopping by. I’m really grateful for that 🙂

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  1. Looking around your blog, everything looks so good I didn’t know what to click on first. All I can say about that is, “Feed meeee!” The risotto looks so darn fabulous.

  2. I really want to make this but I’ve never made rissotto and there’s no recipe here! Like, how do you go from spinach pesto to spinach risotto? Help, please! ):

  3. Hey Daniela
    So would you make a basic risotto and then stir the pesto through at the end or do you add it while you are cooking the rice? Is arborio the correct rice to use?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Bee! I cooked the rice first as a basic risotto, then added the pesto at the end so the keep all the flavors fresh. And yes, Arborio is my favorite choice when I make risotto. You may want to use a different rice! Thanks for stopping by 🙂