japan-0117Even though I was feeling kind of sleepy and weak this morning I forced myself to jump out of bed and get ready for Japan Matsuri, the much-loved Japanese festival that this year took place in Trafalgar Square, right in the center of the British Capital. This dynamic annual event brings people together to enjoy Japanese food, music, dance and  family activities, with food stalls attracting a huge crowd and causing long queues. While I could not enjoy the delicious food (I’m not a “queue person”), I took pleasure in taking pictures and listening to some traditional Japanese music. Here is my very first Japan Matsuri. How did you spend your Saturday morning?

A cute lady, isn’t she?
The moves of a Samurai (with a bamboo sword).
Takoyaki, ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and filled with octopus.
My favorite: Okonomiyaki. A cabbage-based pancake also known as “Osaka soul-food”.
The crowd in Trafalgar Square.
Shaved Ice in Matcha sauce served with red bean paste.
China town, a short walk from Trafalgar square.
Vegetarian Chinese dumplings. My lunch in China Town for just 5 pounds.
Okonomiyaki chefs from Osaka.

japan-0173 japan-0187japan-0193

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  1. How amazing, I’m so happy you get the chance to attend the Japanese festival since I know how much you love the language, cuisine and culture! What was your favorite food from the festival?

  2. Dani, these are beautiful photos! Love them alllll! Okonomiyaki is also my favorite & theirs looks amazing!! I might have to alter my recipe so it’s more cabbage & less flour now haha. Looks fantastic. Too bad you didn’t get to try any of the food. I’m not one for queues either so I completely understand. Your Chinese dumplings looked fantastic anyway! I miss London so much, sigh. I forgot how adorable your Chinatown is!