20130804-DSC_0229Can I have a chat with you today? What are you doing? Right now I’m in a quite neighborhood in zone 1-zone 2, 10 minute walking from one of the most iconic place of the British capital, the Tower of London. It feels good here, with a warming cup of green tea and a blanket over me.

“Threw glory over me like a blanket”.

Warmth and coziness are just what my mind needs to roam around other destinations. Last summer I spent one day in New York and I know why I’ve never told you about it.

It was a strange day in the big Apple, when I tried to be bit adventurer and a bit  blithe. It ended up being an overwhelming experience. On Saturday night I found myself in Times Square dazed and confused. I could not think clearly, my head was spinning, I wanted to speak with someone but at the same time I could not say a word. Today I feel like being there again and enjoying better the city that once used to be one of my biggest dreams. I think I am ready to tell you something about my only day in NY through these pics.

20130804-DSC_0328 20130804-DSC_0344 20130804-DSC_0352 20130804-DSC_035520130804-DSC_0260
Have you ever been to the Big Apple? How was your stay?

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  1. First of all, Tower of London was probably my favorite place that I visited in London, I just loved it (so much). Also bonus, they actually sell a pretty solid fudge brownie there too. 😉 I’m in NY but often I think about moving to London, so seems like we’re opposite soul sisters today…

  2. Oh my God!! Why did you do this to me?? After seeing these pictures I almost cried because I miss NYC soooooo much!!! Every photo brought back a ton of memories! I’m disappointed you did not enjoy your stay, I understand it’s because of how hectic NYC can be, especially for tourist. I’m sure your going to love it next time!

  3. Ohhh these beautiful pictures take me back to my stay in NYC last year like it was yesterday. I love that city and want to go back there soon! 🙂