It would be good to eat heartily on Sunday just to recall one of the most sacred Italian habit. My relatives in Naples still gather all together around one long table in my grandma’s home every Sunday afternoon. They start eating at 1 pm. They finish at some point later, after at least 5 courses. Meantime, in London, I enjoy a situation I may refer to as “freedom of loneliness”, when I have no one to get me to follow traditions, I eat something I cook myself for myself and my boyfriend and when it is usually all about one big course that always takes me much more time than I thought.

You may imagine my happiness when I find a good excuse to enjoy food made from other’s hands. This week a great reason not to play with pans and ingredients was given to me by Feast, a street food  market taking place 20 meters away from my apartment in Tobacco Dock area. Feast is four days of gastronomic treats, a food festival for foodies willing to pay 8 pounds entry ticket, food not included.

Here you can have a look at some pics I took while “feasting”. I ended up being more into taking pictures than into eating. Natural daylight was so dim and grey that I felt like being challenged by my camera settings. The proposed menus were appealing however I would have appreciated more vegetarian options. Astounding music was played and sung by The Cash Cows. Songs like “Heard It Through The Grapevine” and “Eye of the Tiger” warmed up the atmosphere and made the crowd dancing with joy (and yet no one seemed drunk to me).

After visiting each stall I opted for a genuine pizza. I am glad I discovered Pizza Pilgrims, a street food business runned by young guys making Napoli-inspired street food on Berwick St Market in Soho. A tasty Margherita was prepared right in front me and served hot from a stone oven installed in a van. They went into street food business after an inspirational trip to Southern Italy driving 3-wheeled Piaggio Ape van, the same one that is now hosting their stone oven. Cool, don’t you think? Another lovely culinary discovery was Monikers, serving pig cheek, chorizo and peas stew, a cauliflower Soup, and flavorful chantenay carrots, buttered greens, gravy & apple sauce.

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