bournemouth-0287More than two weeks in Italy to celebrate Christmas with my family probably made me even lazier than usual. Back in London, I almost cannot keep up with the city life.

I landed at Gatwick last week and now it seems months ago. On Saturday morning I was on a train to Bournemouth for a short-break weekend by the sea. I stayed at the Royal Bath Hotel. Great location, very classic decor and mediocre British food (well, you can’t get everything, right?). 

Long time, no seA. I got a breath of fresh air, drunk Pimm’s while sitting on the sand and admired light reflected by quiet waves. It seemed to me that the whole city was living with joy and radiant attitude in a rare day of sun and warmth. People in their cute beach huts, kids playing with sand and dogs so darn happy to run along the shore: it was all perfect, it was almost unreal. Can you see the magic from these pictures? 

bournemouth-0206 bournemouth-0230 bournemouth-0241 bournemouth-0265 bournemouth-0275bournemouth-0321

This coming weekend is going to be less exploratory, very domestic. Sea is already a faded memory but the idea to spend at least 8 hours in bed is music to my ears. What’s your plan for the weekend?

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