What amazing recipes did food bloggers cook this week? What exotic, sensational ingredients did they experiment with? What kind of atmosphere did they convey through their amazing shots? Familiar, intimate or all-about-mouthwatering-food? With these questions in mind I go through my RSS to collect the recipes that inspired me the most.

Every week thousand (maybe millions) of food bloggers spend time in their kitchens – adapted into photography studios – to deal both with cooking and photography issues. Their goal is to squeeze all the yumminess out of their recipes, to show food at its best and sometimes even to feed our eyes with artistic food photography.

“Best Recipes of the Week” is my post-tribute to their amazing work. I do not chase links exchange, I just intend to share with you what I believe has the “wow factor” that deserves to be celebrated. Beauty always deserves to be shared, don’t you think?

1) Almond Cookie Dough Macarons

This week I made macarons for the first time. I posted a pic of them in my facebook profile. While baking them I had the brilliant idea to take a shower. A few minutes more than required and…
Rule number 1: never seek distraction while cooking/baking. Next time I will not only pay more attention to the cooking time, I will also adjust the recipe and follow the culinary tips from Lindsay and Taylor.


2) Easy Asparagus Ravioli

Succeeding at making such a thin and fine fresh pasta sheets must be very rewarding. I love the delicacy of both the dish and the picture. When photography works in perfect harmony with the subject.


3) Tomato and peach Salad

Tomato, peach, buttered bread and pistachio? This salad is more than intriguing.



4) Marbled Ciambellone for Breakfast

Giulia is a Tuscan girl who can make (Italian) wonders in the kitchen. This ciambellone drives me towards memories of fresh mornings in the countryside when I was a little girl who believed only cows in Switzerland could give us milk.


5) Baked Stuffed Orange French Toast

I recently stuffed my savory toasts with mozzarella. Orange and French toast is fantastic combo I look forward to trying!



6) Spring Samosa

Milana for this unique, vegetarian and healthy recipe got inspired by My New Roots (Sarah, the author, also lives in Copenhagen). Sarah writes “Using rice paper to wrap a deliciously spiced Indian-style filling not only eliminates gluten, but also the need to deep fry”. Spot on for health conscious foodies.


7) Vanilla Chia Pudding

With Chia seeds simply left overnight into milk to gel together with vanilla extract and maple syrup you get this extraordinary healthy dessert.


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  1. I cannot seem to find the actual recipe for the vanilla chia pudding…I get so lost chasing recipes…help please…I just want the recipe !