Affogato al Caffe (The wonders of Ice-Cream+Coffee)

The coffee I am drinking right now tastes like hot burnt water (if one could burn the water). It’s a standard week day afternoon, I’m writing about silicon nanoclusters (what a lethargic activity, yaaaawn..) while thinking it wouldn’t be that bad to hole up for a couple of months and wake up with a summer […]

Conchiglioni Rigati al Forno – Ricotta & Shiitake Stuffed Shells

Back to some Italian food. The good old  Italian pasta. This time it is in the form of shells stuffed with ricotta mixed with mushrooms (shiitake), carrots and zucchini. While having this baked pasta dish last Sunday I felt emotional. No kidding, I was moved. It brought back many very good memories. Such is the life of […]

Baked Parmesan Polenta Fries

In Naples triangles of fried polenta are called scagnuozzi (I hope I haven’t misspelled it – although I was born in Naples, I do not know the dialect very well!). These scagnuozzi (meaning “henchmen”) are yummy treats that every pizzeria sells as a street food fix or appetizer/entree for the Neapolitan pizza. That said, these are not the Neapolitan […]