sc-0196When I first started blogging I was an undergraduate student in Italy. Back then I was just trying to experiment with my writing (in Italian), there was no social media involved, just me and my thoughts. My second blog “arrived” when I moved to London and started nurturing the idea of writing in English. I knew I could not express my “random thoughts” in a language I was not confident in so I needed a topic.

Cocktails. I chose to write about cocktails (at that time, I also wanted to be a bartender). I was jumping from a personal diary stuffed with poetry (kind of) to a booze-based blog. Last Monday, when I attended a cocktail class arranged by Southern Comfort (celebrating the launch of  a new website!), I thought about the connection between the beautiful art of making cocktails and my passion for writing. It’s all about handcraft job: you need to choose your ingredients (words) carefully and be as creative as you can.

sc-0274I can’t tell you how much fun I had attending the class! The venue was a dim and elegant bar  in the heart of Soho, an area of London I particularly love because of its touch of quirkiness and variety of good restaurant and bars.

I was given the opportunity of preparing a cocktail as professional bartenders do, guided and instructed by them to create something personal from a wide selection of ingredients available. For a chance to win a mug that looks just like my face (!) I then submitted my cocktail recipe to the new Southern Comfort website. That was a fun moment of the evening too.

But let’s go back to my cocktail, now. I only knew I wanted a fresh drink with character. Because I HEART cocktails with character, if you know what I mean. Considering that Southern Comfort is one-of-a-kind blend of fruit, spices and American whiskey, I decided not to dilute my drink in soda or in sweet fruit juice. What I came up with?

southern-confort-0301Gingerbread and lime. Southern Comfort comes with  a 35% ABV and is best served long over ice with lemonade and a squeeze of lime. Therefore, my cocktail could not miss a generous splash of lime juice. After adding citrus notes to the whiskey, I subtly sweetened and boldly spiced it up with a touch of ginger. The bartender who was helping me with the proportions, suggested me to add eggs. Eggs?!?!?! Have you ever watched the movie “Cocktail“, starring a very young Tom Cruise? Not that kind of egg, luckily, but egg white power (I have never heard of before).

Oh boy if it worked. Honestly, I made myself the best cocktail I had in a while (getting close to my dream of being a bartender :)). When I was writing my little cocktail blog I used to replicate popular recipes but this time I created my very own personal recipe! A little moment of glory. Can I dare you to make a better cocktail than the one you can see below? Try my gingerbread drink and if you feel creative enough to challenge this and other cocktails, enter the competition,  maybe also sharing the drink  on social media using the #whateverscomfortable hashtag  (the most popular drinks will be shortlisted for a chance to win).

Good luck!

Stay Comfortable. Drink Responsibly


Southern Gingerbread Cocktail


  • Southern Comfort 50 ml
  • Ginger-bread syrup 10 ml
  • Lime Juice 25 ml
  • Cubed Ice
  • Egg white powder


  • Pour the whiskey, the syrup, lime and egg white into a cocktail shaker filled with cubed ice. Shake well. Strain into a glass (I used a short glass, see pic above).
  • Fill the glass with cubed ice and garnish with a slice of lime (a gingerbread man cookie will work too).

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  1. Awesome that you took a cocktail class! My partner used to be a bartender in Sweden way back then, haha! I love freshly squeezed fruits in cocktails, just love fresh stuff in them. There’s a popular and traditional Peruvian cocktail, “Pisco Sour” that contains egg whites – which sorta grossed me out. I’m looking forward to seeing more cocktail recipes (hopefully vegan-friendly, hehe!) and I like the combination of gingerbread syrup, lime and whiskey…I like a bit sweet, spice and zest in a cocktail…and don’t mind a gingerbread man cookie! Thanks for sharing your experiences!