Summer is here. Summer is not here.

On Sunday I was blessed and sunkissed by a ray of light travelling from the sun to my skin through a pleasant breeze, today I am cold, have no memory of the summer season and walk under a pale sky matching the concrete maize of the city. This is summertime in my beloved London. Never predictable, never guaranteed and always celebrated in a hurry because when sun shines we all share the same urge to get out of home, lay down in the still wet grass and soak ourselves in to a voluble and fickle sunshine.

frozenjogurt-2Meantime all this climate change has place over our heads we keep our lives pretending that it’s all fine, we are not bothered by the quick alternating of rain and sun, we keep our tidy (more or less) drawers filled with all sort of clothing, from scarf to bikini. Sure, we’re kidding ourselves. Actually we don’t like this double-face weather. Don’t we?

It’s like having a conversation with someone who, all of a sudden, start speaking another language, using words that are somewhat familiar and yet mind-boggling. We’re not prepared to it. We’d like stability and steadiness and, why not, the opportunity to make room in our wardrobe for summer clothes only.

frozenjogurtrn-2Am I taking this “season thing” too seriously and showing poor sense of adaptability? Right. I am a bad expat. But, you know, I really can’t do any better with my intolerance to weather changes. Summer in my native language is spelled “Estate”, a word coming from the Latin “aestate” meaning  “burning heat”.

Ok, I call it quits before it’s too late 🙂

I know I should say a few words about this recipe  too. There are several way to make frozen yogurt, most probably the best ones requiring an ice cream maker to get a smoother consistency free from ice crystals. What if you do not own (like me) such a bulky and expensive kitchen tool? You need to put a little extra effort in fulfilling the only function an ice cream maker performs: stirring while the cream gets colder and colder. Really, the only trick here is to remove your mixture from the fridge every half an hour, stir it well and place it back afterwards. And repeat this step a few times till you get the desired consistency. In my case the whole preparation took a couple of hours.

Homemade Frozen Yogurt


  • 500 gr full fat Greek yogurt
  • 8-10 strawberries
  • 3 tbsp honey


  • Strain your yogurt well by remove any excess liquid. This can be done by simply using a sieve.
  • Add honey to the yogurt and mix well. Put this mixture in the freezer for at least one hour then take it out and stir well in order to prevent the yogurt from forming crystals of water. Refrigerate for other 2 hours stirring every half an hour.
  • Prepare the strawberry sauce by heating a couple of strawberries in the microwave for 30 seconds at the maximum power. Serve with strawberries cut in small pieces and the strawberry sauce.

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  1. Oh it looks super creamy! If it makes you feel any better the weather in Sydney lately has been non-stop rain. I hate winter so please enjoy your summer for me despite the temperamental sunshine 🙂