It happens to me  to lack control on words. Sometimes. It’s when I am just full of barren words, like a field lacking vegetation, and I don’t believe enough on the power of the written language.

Photography helps me, encourage me to describe what I see when it is clear to me that words will not come easy. Photography has a language whose grammar is freer and where I can set my own rules.

Here are some shots I took during my trip in Greece, an airy, bright, wild and blue country. As blue as the sky that hosts no clouds, not as sadness.

corfu-0559 greektiropita-0446 greektiropita-0449 Below is Egremni beach, in Lefkada. It feels like heaven on earth. One of the most beautiful beaches I ever seen but perhaps the most difficult to reach (350 stairs). It’s definitely worth it, though.

egremni-0650 All the picture below were taken in Mitikas. There is no much online to read about this little town in the province of Preveza. Here a little ouzeri runned by a outgoing fisherman is an hidden gem on the beach with a view on the Ionian oriental sea. The ouzeri, a rustic tavern where you get served ouzo and small finger foods, is no more than a place where you can find your little blue chair, have a seat, grab some food and admire the beautiful emerald sea.  Peaceful.

mitikas-0722 mitikas-0725 mitikas-0731 mitikas-0747amor-0772 mitikas-0748 mitikas-0751

Greece looks out the Mediterranean sea with a mountainous coastline which makes driving a car challenging. Main roads on a map are not more that little curvy local streets, often passing through little towns where Greek pensioners sit on slatted-wood chairs literally on the street. You can almost catch in one breath the millennia that passed over this land without altering its native beauty.

mitikas-0752 amor-0770mitikas-0771 mitikas-0773



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  1. Che Belle foto! Mi hai fatto venire voglia di tornare in Grecia!
    Complimenti anche per le ricette, una piu’ buona dell’altra.

  2. You’ve captured Greece so beautifully!! I wonder if you crossed path with my sister? She was vacationing there the same time, me think 😀

    Hope we get to visit Greece someday. It’s such a beautiful country!

  3. Beautiful pictures and place! Greece is such a marvelous country. I went there once and loved it.

    Thanks for sharing your photos with us.