Baked Gooey Soba Frittata and a Bite of World Cup

The World Cup Adventure is already over for Italy. What about your football team? OK, let’s not pretend I am a “true” football supporter. It’s just all about my origins, I come from a country where football is printed in everybody’s genes, easy to enjoy and cathartic for modern men just like a beer on Friday after work or the reassuring […]

Quinoa Sushi with Peppers, Shiitake Mushrooms and Feta Cheese

Cough cough. My battle against carbs slipped into the background of my concerns since I fell sick early this week. An annoying cough and high temperature forced me to bed. The only good thing about being sick in bed is that angels in your life reveal themselves to take care of you and grant your wishes. I’ve […]

My very first “personal” cocktail: Southern GingerBread Cocktail

When I first started blogging I was an undergraduate student in Italy. Back then I was just trying to experiment with my writing (in Italian), there was no social media involved, just me and my thoughts. My second blog “arrived” when I moved to London and started nurturing the idea of writing in English. I knew I […]

How to Make Sushi Rice on the Stove

Even though I consider myself a fan of Japanese food (I am fascinated by its culinary perfectionism), I’ve long been unaware of how to cook simple Japanese dishes, from noodles to sushi. Going to a restaurant has always been the only way to taste Japanese food for me. What made me emerge from this unbearable state of ignorance and try out […]