I’m on my way.

On my way to the world I want to explore, to the people that I’ll be happy to meet and smile to.

Most of the time emotions and experiences earned during a trip come up when we stop and think about them from a distance. It’s been one week I left Canada and only now I am fully aware of how lucky I have been to spend my time there.

Today let me first take you to Toronto (that I learned Canadians pronounce “Trawno” or “Teronno”, uhm no, maybe “Toe-ron-noe”… well, whatever), on a ride that looks in the mirror of shiny skyscrapers and along streets I walked with excitement and euphoria.

toronto-0133 toronto-0176 toronto-0199toronto-0219 toronto-0208toronto-0214toronto-0188Within an hour drive from Toronto, there’s a town called Hamilton. It’s where I stayed for more than a month. Over the years the city achieved bad notoriety because of its industrial district, today it is much more than its tired and less wealthy iron industries. It overlooks the immense lake Ontario; it is very pleasant to explore thanks to its 200 falls, a long green escarpment and a lovely bay-front.

I cannot write about Hamilton without mentioning Tim Hortons, the Canada’s largest fast food service, where I had my daily coffee and muffins, sometimes.  Do you know Tim Hortons Fruit Explosion Muffin? 360 kcals of happiness. Starting the day with a Timmy’s Lady cheering you with her best smile (and a couple of those compliments… you know, the ones that make you feel like a queen) while serving that muffin, is priceless.

canada-0033canada-0039 canada-0096

Let me finally take you to the Bruce Peninsula, where I swam in the cold and pristine waters of the Georgian Bay and climbed the rocks that rest on the sea (I almost sound like a cool girl :)). Always daydreaming and laughing airily in the company of wonderful fellow adventurers.

canada-1030961 canada-1040071


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  1. what a great blog! if you loved Toronto, you must spend some time in Montreal….
    I may be a bit biased, but it is much more interesting than Toronto !
    however, London is, by far, the most fascinating city of all… thankfully, my daughter now calls it home…

  2. I grew up cose to Toronto (Ter-on-nuh), had a cottage at Lions Head on the Bruce Peninsula where I spent my summers as a chid and will be flying to Hamilton for my nieces wedding in 2 weeks.