Classic Spanish Omelette: The Tortilla

Hello folks, I'm back! Did you realize I disappeared? I missed blogging and cooking quite a lot but since I was in the middle of a big-ass relocation I could not help but focus on finding a new home and settle down in Northern Ireland. After more than a week spent in the hotel I finally found a beautiful flat with lovely views on the … Read More


Sunshine Smoothie with Greek Yogurt and Orange

I've got quite a few reasons to make a toast today. First and foremost I toast the beauty of life that shows itself in the form of a majestic sunny day here in Malaga. I love this city and I'm in love with Andalucia, a region in Southern Spain that gives us the most juicy and tasty fruits I ever tasted.  And great wine, food, … Read More


Timballo di Maccheroni

It's been a month full of "distractions" and events that made me happy but also preoccupied, in some occasions. I neglected my blog and spent less time in the kitchen. Napoli is a city that teases you with lots of mouthwatering and very cheap street food options, why should one even bother cooking here? Feed me only my daily baked … Read More


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