Farro Pasta Salad with Stir Fried Veggies and Bocconcini

When in Italy eat pasta. When in Napoli eat pizza. Any other Mediterranean dish is fine too but pizza, or better Neapolitan Pizza, is something special and - allow me to say - unique to this city. Astonishingly tasty, cheap and hard to replicate at home. I'm not sure why. The secret of Neapolitan pizza is well kept. Here is my … Read More


Sanguinaccio aka Neapolitan Chocolate Sauce (Ready in 10 minutes)

Sanguinaccio is a typical Neapolitan black pudding originally prepared with pig's blood during the Carnival holidays. Now don't tell me you expected something pink, heart shaped and cute for Valentine's Day. I wouldn't like to disappoint you but... Things are that I'm not too up for acts of romanticism inspired by a well … Read More


How To Get Your Food Photos Accepted By Foodgawker

Note: I'm neither a professional food photographer nor a particularly good amateurish photographer but I've learnt something along my journey to get my photos accepted by Foodgawker and I believe that sharing a few tips would be no harm to you. OK. Let's start. This is not a post about Food Photography nor a Lightroom … Read More


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