Potato Locro aka a very popular Ecuadorian Potato Soup

This a creamy yet very light soup.I cleaned the pot with my fingers to have a preview of its taste. After licking off the soup from my fingers I reckoned I could add some fats by drizzling extra virgin olive oil on top. It was almost "too" light. Maybe because I used cottage cheese rather then some cheddar or Monterrey … Read More


Corn Tortillas made with Polenta

...And while my cute little banana bread is rising in the oven showing off its golden crumbly top, I take some time off from my loved/hated readings to pass you the recipe of the tortillas here pictured. Although I've been meaning to make corn tortilla for a while now, I never looked for the right ingredients. Don't ask me why. When … Read More


Creamy Vegetarian Tuscan Bean Minestrone

Let me start by telling you that this week you can find "me" at Vegan Miam. I was very happy about guest posting for Rika: she is the author of my favorite vegan food + travel blog. I only wish I was able to announce this earlier (I've been offline for a short holiday).First thing I ate when I came back to London from Bosnia is … Read More


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