My Dream Kitchen

I have never talked about the place where I spend most of the time (bedroom excluded), the place where all the posts of this blog are born and take shape. I'm talking about the kitchen. The reason why I haven't covered the topic is that I've never been a house owner. Only in London I rented three different apartments over the last 4 … Read More


Soba and Yellow Split Peas Salad

I lived without Soba noodles for decades. Until one day I decided to move to London. Now the famous japanese buckwheat noodles are in my life and the universe of ingredients and flavours I have discovered in the British capital makes me feel lucky every day. Warning: I'm going to open the chapter "heart-wrenching litany on my … Read More


Mascarpone Cheesecake with Strawberry Glaze

I pay a visit to my blog and I found myself staring flatly at my pictures. It is happening more and more often these days. It is not the quality of my photography that makes me feel inadequate but rather the blank space in between the images. It's time for a confession (I know you like confessions): I'm in a love/hate relationship … Read More


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