My Mango Sticky Rice

Although at first glance this dish can be mistaken for  a Thai Sticky rice, this is not "it".  Not in the traditional way, at least.First of all, I haven't used Thai sticky rice to make my sticky dessert. Also, I haven't added any sugar at all. I am so tempted to classify this recipe as a skinny version of the famous Thai dessert … Read More


Matcha Pancakes with Milled Flax Seeds

It's been a few days since I last enjoyed my oatmeal-based breakfast. I am just waking up with an intense craving for croissant pancakes. I've read somewhere that some foods are very effective in increasing the level of dopamines, the neurotransmitter that helps control the brain's reward and pleasure centers. My morning oats must … Read More


Easy Zucchini Ricotta Cakes

I had very little expectations about this recipe. I was 85% sure the recipe wouldn't work, the ricotta wouldn't be firm enough to bind the ingredients and, in the end, the patties/fritters would crumble and take apart in the pan. I was mentally prepared for the disaster.It worked, instead. Against all the odds.Was I just … Read More


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